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We at Melliris do things differently. Not only have we been holding the secrets to honey-making for decades, but we also know that through respect, integrity and simplicity we are able to present you with nature’s purest, most valuable wealth at its very best.

Ion Surdu

If you have ever used one of our products you already know that we try to respect and preserve traditional techniques from our regions. Also, we want to show the world that our products represents so much more… they represent a family that knows how to respect the nature and the environment.

Tudor Boia

I believe that the base of real beekeeping resides in authenticity and a strong bond with nature. Our ways of handling bees and love for these creatures are inherited from our ancestors and are translated into a pure honey that I’m most proud of.

Marin Preda

I have inherited the passion for beekeeping from my father. I consider it a duty of honor and passion to pass it on to future generations. With Melliris, I can now share this gift of nature with people all over the world that appreciate a pure honey . This way, I acknowledge our ancestors’ legacy…

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