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Melliris Acacia Honey

Spoil yourself with the delicate flavor and unique taste pervading the rich acacia forests along the banks of the Danube. Melliris acacia honey will quench your thirst for sweet desires. While enjoying a romantic dinner, you will find that its velvety texture and smooth aroma send out the subtlest of love messages with bee-sharp precision.

Melliris Forest Honey

Elevate your energy levels and stamina with a touch of Melliris forest honey. Its caramel color and flavor carry the strength, vitality and robustness of the ancient trees that have been guarding the Carpathians for millennia. Meanwhile, its energy-rich lusciousness heightens the body’s resistance, offering you the joy of active living at its pinnacle, seasonal…

Melliris honey chest

The Melliris four-jar chest looks great both at home and at the office, conferring preciousness and refinement to any creative environment. Contents: four 150 g jars, out of the -ones available within the range. The Melliris spoon kit is a compliment to any honey connoisseur, guaranteeing full enjoyment of the honey’s flavor and uniqueness. Contents:…

Melliris Linden Honey

Reward yourself with a trip to an oasis of calm at the end of a hectic day. Melliris linden honey conveys the full sweetness of flowering linden trees to embark your senses on a journey through fairytale-like moments. The ideal accompaniment to a quiet evening among books or in intimate introspection, it helps ideas flow…

Melliris Orange Blossom Honey

A drop of acid, a world of sweet, the Melliris orange blossom honey taps on the gate of your taste palate and surprises at every opening. Coming from the Italian majestuous Alpes, it inundates your senses with a sublime, but sometimes audacious flavor, replicating the determined grandour of its home land. A wonderful companion to…

Melliris Sunflower Honey

Embrace the lingering warmth of the sun all day long. As lasting in flavor as the sunflower’s abiding love for clear light, Melliris sunflower honey makes family time as luminous and innocently sweet as the children’s laughter. It will make you “chuckle all of your worries away

Melliris Wildflower Honey

Explore and conquer as yet unseen corners of nature in every spoon of Melliris wildflower honey. Here, you can reinvigorate your body and mind amidst a myriad of flavors that lure you in to nature’s untamed and colorful resplendency. Our wildflower honey is unmatched at making snacks and breakfast spreads goldenly delightful.

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