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About Honey

FACTS • The oldest image of beekeepers dates back 10.000 years ago, and was discovered in a cave from Valencia, Spain • In Ancient Greece, all young brides had to dip their fingers in honey and anoint the doorstep with it. This ritual was supposed to bring harmony in the couple and a good relationship…

Analysis thread

The Melliris transparency policy offers our clients the opportunity to find out everything and anything about our honey. In this spirit we have created our “Track your jar” section where you can write the batch number on your Melliris jar and see exactly where it comes from. As an extra feature everyone who uses the…

City Honey vs. Wild Honey

City honey is a modern honey, obtained by the bees whose hives have been moved into the city. Many different environmental organizations support this project that aims for healthier cities, as well as higher biological diversity for the bees. In all other aspects, city honey is a regular honey – its properties are identical to…

The adventure of Melliris begins

After putting for decades all of our passion in beekeeping, it is time to share with the world what we have learned and achieved. This is where the Melliris journey starts and everybody is welcomed aboard. It is going to be a great adventure.

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